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Zaxia is a commercial real estate AVM – an online valuation system for commercial real estate. It is designed and field-tested by experienced commercial appraisers. With your inputs, our ten-minute survey generates a step-by-step analysis using proven methods of valuation. Try Zaxia now.

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Why Zaxia?

Why Zaxia?

Time IS money. Market Value Outputs generated by Zaxia give you a real-time, in-depth valuation of a commercial property in minutes. Zaxia uses methods that are standard for commercial appraisers, with results that are field-tested for accuracy. Your Market Value Output and the Zaxia PDF Report account for metropolitan area features, market conditions, and the unique characteristics of your property. And, Zaxia creates a portfolio where you can save and edit the inputs of your surveys.

Comparable Sales

The commercial real estate market is constantly changing. Knowing what is being paid for properties that are similar to yours is key. A Zaxia Report shows you comparable sales that are competitive with your property which helps to identify where yours fits into the larger market. A Zaxia survey that you save to your portfolio is available to you—and only you—at later dates, so that you can observe the change in the value of your property over time.

Comparable Sales